Which is Better: Wigs vs. Hair Extensions vs. Weaves (2020)

Do you think that you can only use wigs to cover up hair loss problems? That’s not true as some girls buy wigs rather than extensions for the same purpose! Which is, to extend their strands and add extra thickness. Essentially, you can get similar results with both so in some sense, wigs and extensions are interchangeable. Do you plan to get a wig instead of extensions, or the other way around? In that case, one might debate about the options and which one is better for you.

Many women love and adore their hair extensions! It’s proven to be one of the easiest ways to revive one’s locks and create that full and long look. However, wigs basically do the same job, and they might look like a simpler option for some girls. In our opinion, both wigs and extensions are a great way of changing up your hairstyle. One should always try something new and it’s very hard to decide which one is better.

1.Best for Adding Extra Length: Hair Extensions vs. Wigs

Which is Better for You: Wigs, Weaves or Hair Extensions? (2019)

Extending hair length is one of the main reasons girls buy and wear extensions. The concept is very simple. Your locks are very short, and you want them to be longer without waiting for months. Women simply buy any extension type, decide on pieces, install, and enjoy longer strands. It sounds very simple and works like a charm, every time.

However, you can achieve same results with the hairpiece as well. You can choose the desired length of the wig, put it on and hide your short strands. So, the results are pretty much the same. Both wigs and extensions are available in similar lengths, usually going from about six inches to thirty. In other words, when it comes to adding extra length, it is a tie between two.

2.Best for Hair Volume:

Hair Extensions vs. Wigs

Add some extra thickness to your hair and results are instant! You will look fresher, healthier, and certainly a lot more glamorous. This is also something that can be easily done with both hairpieces and all extension types out there. A couple of extra wefts or tapes can make a huge difference and you can finally have that diva hair you have been dreaming about.

Basically, women can control the density by choosing the weight of extensions and how many pieces one adds to their hair. That’s perfect since not every girl wants the same thickness.

Same choice applies to wigs since you can choose between different densities, going from low to high density. However, it’s much easier to find thicker or heaver extensions that it is wigs.

3.Best for Thin Hair:

Wigs vs. Extensions

Many girls with very thin strands are opting out for wigs instead of extensions. Now, there are a couple of reasons why that is not such a crazy choice. When hair is thin, it is also weak! That means the extra weight of the extensions might not be such a smart idea since it can lead to shedding or breakage.

Extensions are also not that easy to cover up with very fine strands, which may reveal them. That’s not something anybody wants to ever experience. In fact, the only weft that you can install on thin hair are tape-ins. Mostly because they’re very light and non-invasive. To learn more, read our article about best hair extensions for thin hair.

If you choose transparent tape, it is easier to hide as well. However, to avoid the risk of damaging your already thin locks, wigs are actually a great choice! A much better one than extensions. Just put the hairpiece on and your natural hair is safely hidden away underneath. Also, on the outside you get to have luscious, thick strands. Check our wig options for some ideas.

4.Best for Short Hair:

Wigs vs. Extensions

Best for Short Hair

If your strands are very short, we recommend wigs. It is impossible to install extensions on short hair and they’re simply not designed to do that.

You need to have at least 5 to 10 inches of hair for the extensions to look good and blend properly. That’s obviously above the minimum recommendation. However, if you want to have longer locks, just get a wig.

The great thing about hairpieces is that you don’t need to have any hair at all to wear them! Basically, short strands are not a problem at all.

5.Application Methods: Wigs vs. Hair Extensions

Application Methods: Wigs vs. Hair Extensions

When it comes to different application methods, it’s hard to say whether extensions or wigs are a better choice because it really depends on your preference. Wigs are usually taped, glued, or sewn in. The first two are temporary, while sewing is a more permanent method. Extensions can be attached in many ways, depending on the type.

Clip-ins are the easiest to attach. Tape-ins are a more permanent option one installs pieces with the help of using invisible tape. U-tip extensions are installed using the hot fusion method, while cold fusion is used for I-tip and micro loop extensions.

There are also weaves that you can install in many ways. Each application method has its positive and negatives, but all of them produce great results.

6.Hair Maintenance:

Wigs vs. Extensions

Both wigs and extensions require great care. However, some need more maintenance than others. For example, clip-ins are very easy to take care of, but they do need to be taken off each day. This isn’t something that suits everybody.

Tape-ins, keratin, and micro ring extensions require you to be more careful when washing and sleeping with extra hair. Although after you install such extensions, they can be worn for a longer period.

Wigs are pretty low maintenance because they don’t need to be washed as often and behave just like natural strands. So, your hair routine will stay pretty much the same.

What’s Cheaper & More Expensive:

Hair Extensions or Wigs?

When it comes to prices, hair extensions are cheaper than wigs. It all comes down to the amount of hair. With extensions, you mix natural strands with artificial ones which means you don’t need as much of them to get a nice, full look.

Wigs don’t include any of your strands and that makes them more expensive! It is also much harder to create a wig since workers must attach individual strands to the cap. However, prices can vary depending on the wig or extension type. Also, this excludes hair extension cost for the installation process itself.

Choose Which Is Better: Wigs or Extensions

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