Why People wear wigs & Hair Extension

Wigs and hair extensions are prepared with the human hair bundles or it can be the synthetic material and human hair wigs are the same as the hair on your head. They really would help you to quickly create a completely different hairstyle instantly and make you look more beautiful. Human hair extensions and wigs are worn by men and women for meeting the needs of how they want to look.

Because they are all made by 100% human hair and the other types of wigs and hair extensions are synthetic ones, you can treat them like your own kind hair, you can really straighten them, or you can even curl them. If you would like, you can evenly even dye them. But you also must care for them like your own hair. People prefer to wear wigs in various ways as it is worn by individuals due to hair loss for medical reasons, to experiment on your hairs, to have a beautiful and different look every day and even to hide your real hair from the dust and pollution outside.

The human hair wigs and hair extensions cover the entire scalp area of the woman. The human hair extensions cover only a portion of the scalp or maybe it could also be added to add length below the braid. Sometimes the hair extensions may not cover any scalp area as said before and it can simply be used to extend the length of a woman’s hair to make it look lengthier.

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